School characteristics Tlačiť
Pondelok, 20 Február 2012 19:00

       The secondary school of scenic arts educates students in the following school educational programmes: THEATRE, FILM AND TELEVISION PRODUCTION, ANIMATION PRODUCTION, and JEWELLERY DESIGN. The course of study takes four years and it is completed with a school-leaving examination called maturita. There are six study curriculums available: make-up design, costume design, painting - graphics – theatre and film setting design, animation production, jewellery design, and audio-visual production. The school is the only comprehensive centre of the scenic art education in Slovakiaies. It has achieved the certification by the International Education Society, London –ranked BB+ - school achieving excellent results for a long-term time scale.

    The vision of the school includes developing cultural, aesthetical and socializing factor of scenic arts in creative teaching methods and techniques and improving the graduate profiles according to the needs of society. By imprinting its own unique features to minds and knowledge of the educated ones, by the individuality of a teacher, school, and region today’s gifted children are being transformed to artistic invidualities of tomorrow’s world.